History of The Page Ranch
The Daniel R. and Sophia G. Page House was built in 1900 on the isolated Page Ranch.  This location was a historical stopping point along what was once a major freighting and travel route in the Iron County region of southwestern Utah.  The house served for over 30 years as the home of the Page family who owned and operated the ranch, and it also served regularly as an informal hotel for travelers and as a boarding house for men working in the nearby iron ore mines.

The Page Ranch house was built in 1900.  The ranch had originally been homesteaded by Dan Geary's grandfather, Robert Ritchie in the 1850s.  Dan and his brother Robert lived at the ranch with their grandparents after their mother's death in the 1860s.  In 1890 Dan and Robert received the ranch from their grandparents, and one year later Robert sold out his share to Dan.  Dan and his wife Sohpia operated the ranch until their divorce around 1905.

The Page Home was registered in the National Registor of historic places in 1985.